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Remy vs Non Remy Hair

You want the best-looking hair extensions on the market, so you go do some research online. All of a sudden, you see all these places discussing 100% remy hair, synthetic hair, virgin hair, and so on. But what are all these things? You hear that remy hair is good quality, but why? To make ... More »

Processed Human Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, there are many different types of hair used. Two of the largest categories of hair used in extensions are that of synthetic hair and human hair. Human hair can then be broken down further into hair that has been processed and that which has not. Unfortunately, there are ... More »

Virgin Human Hair Extensions

When you’re in the world of hair extensions, you’re bound to hear about virgin hair. It’s the highest quality hair out there, being both long-lasting and natural looking. But, what does the term even mean? Defining the Term Despite what many people think, “virgin hair” does not mean the same thing as “remy hair.” ... More »

Why You Should Avoid Low-Cost Hair Extensions

For some things, such as water bottles and cleaning sponges, you can purchase the cheapest option and come out on top. But, as you know, that isn't always the case. When you’re buying a car or a house, you wouldn't go for the most inexpensive option, would you? Instead, you’d pay the higher price ... More »

Lace Wigs

Many hair extension methods require you to have at least some hair for them to work. For example, the Hot Fusion method uses heat and an keratin adhesive to connect your hair to an extension. Alternatively, the Micro loop method loops your hair through a small plastic piece attached to the end of an ... More »

Shrink Tube Hair Extensions

In the world of great-looking hair, hair extensions are highly desirable. Because of that, people have created a whole variety of ways to get extensions. One such method is the shrink tube method. It’s perfect for people with thin or short hair that want a new and refreshing look. How Shrink Tubes Work Shrink tube ... More »

Hair Weaves

Have you ever wanted to have long, voluminous hair? If so, hair extensions should be a dream come true. Many people use them in the modern world, and because of that there is a variety of ways they can be added. One of the most popular things to get is a hair weave. Many celebrities ... More »

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add length, volume, or color to your hair. Many people enjoy them because they are temporary. That means that you don’t make a commitment when you use them. It also means that you can use them over and over again. How You Apply ... More »

Feather and Crystal Hair Extensions

When it comes to making your hair stand out, you’ve got millions of options. You can dye it almost any color you’d like, get a new hairdo, or put in some extensions. All of these things will make your hair look like a million dollars, but there’s nothing that beats having Feather or crystal ... More »

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you want long hair with lots of volume, consider getting tape-in hair extensions. They’re perfect for someone who wants amazing hair that’ll impress everyone around them. To make it even better, the method is fairly quick and can have amazing results when done by a professional. How They’re Applied Tape-in hair extensions are ... More »

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If you’re on a search for a durable hair extension method that doesn’t use glue or adhesives, micro loop hair extensions are your answer. They’re applied without heat or ultrasonic sound, can last quite a while, and look amazing. They work because of the thing they get their name from - the micro loop. How ... More »

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

One great method for attaching hair extensions is the ultrasonic cold fusion method. It is similar to the Hot Fusion Hair Extensions method, but differs in one key area - it doesn't use heat. However, like the hot fusion method, it does work because of a protein called keratin. The Process Starts With Keratin Keratin ... More »

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

There are many ways of adding hair extensions, and the hot fusion method is one of them. In addition to being a widely popular method that gives great results, it lasts a long time. The big question that everyone asks, though, is how it works. It all starts with a hard protein known as keratin. ... More »