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Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If you’re on a search for a durable hair extension method that doesn’t use glue or adhesives, micro loop hair extensions are your answer. They’re applied without heat or ultrasonic sound, can last quite a while, and look amazing. They work because of the thing they get their name from - the micro loop.

How Micro Loops Work

Unlike using hot fusion and ultrasonic cold fusion methods, micro loops have nothing to do with adhesives or proteins. Instead, they work because of a piece of plastic known as a micro loop. A stylist will start with a hair extension that has a plastic loop attached to it. Then they take a strand of your hair, put it through the loop, and pull the loop out. This makes it so that the top of the hair extension is snugly fit in with your hair. The process is repeated for each individual strands until a good looking hairdo is achieved

A Great Outcome

Once it’s done, you’ll find your hair looking fabulous. Whether you wanted volume, length, or both, the outcome will be pleasing. Because the micro loop method attaches extensions near the scalp with a number of strands, your hair will move naturally, making it harder for people to notice that you have extensions. In addition, the lack of bond between the extension and your hair means that the extensions can be easily adjusted or removed.

How Long They Can Be Used

Some methods of adding hair extensions, such as hot fusion and ultrasonic cold fusion, will last months in your hair. Others, like clip-ins, should be removed daily. Micro loop hair extensions are the balance between these two extremes. They can be worn long-term or short-term without eating up too much money. This is because the strands of hair can be used multiple times instead of just once.

How to Take Care of Your Hair

When you have micro loop hair extensions in, you’ll need to pay some attention to your hair. Don’t go swimming with them on - though that’s a rule that’s general to any type of hair extension. If you do decide to take a splash, at least don’t go in for long. Before showering, make sure to keep the pressure on your shower head towards the lighter side of the spectrum. It’s good to comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb before you shower, and when you regularly comb. As with any hair extension, don’t comb too deep when you’re styling your hair. Fortunately, aside from having to be a little gentler with your hair, there isn’t much more you have to do. Micro loop extensions are good for styling and are relatively easy to maintain. Plus, if one comes out, you can easily have it put back in.