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Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

One great method for attaching hair extensions is the ultrasonic cold fusion method. It is similar to the Hot Fusion Hair Extensions method, but differs in one key area - it doesn't use heat. However, like the hot fusion method, it does work because of a protein called keratin.

The Process Starts With Keratin

Keratin is a very common protein which is found all over your body in the form of skin, nails, and hair. Likely, it’s even in the shampoo and conditioner that you use every day. Recently, people noticed the benefits of using keratin with hair extensions. It can be used to make an adhesive that is then placed on the tips of hair. The areas where adhesive is applied are a similar color to that of the rest of the hair, so it’s also extremely discrete.

The Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Method

Once you've got your hair extensions tipped with keratin resin, they are ready to be used. In hot fusion, a heat clamp is used to create a sturdy bond between the hair of the person receiving the extensions, and the extensions themselves. In ultrasonic cold fusion, a small applicator is used. This applicator is connected to a machine which sends ultrasound waves to it. These waves are directed at the area where the keratin tip meets the hair and cause subtle vibrations. The vibrations then cause a bond to form. Once that bond is formed, a professional can shape it into a seal. They can make the seal flat or roll it so it’s more cylindrical. Which seal is used may be based on your preference or what your hairstylist feels is best for you.

The Magnificent Result

Using the ultrasonic cold fusion method, you’ll get amazing results. It will add both volume and length to your hair while maintaining a natural look. Anyone admiring your hair will have a difficult time finding the seals that keep your extensions on. On top of it all, you’ll have several months before another appointment is needed. These extensions will be nothing like clip-ons. Also, like with hot fusion, you can wash your hair and use hair products regularly if you decide on this method.

Who This Method Is For

This method is great for anyone who wants good-looking, long-lasting extensions. It is even better for people with fine or thin hair, as it uses no heat. The only case where this method isn’t a match is if you have extremely oily or greasy hair. If that is the case, you should contact your stylist and discuss which method is best for you.