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Shrink Tube Hair Extensions

Shrink Tube Hair Extensions

In the world of great-looking hair, hair extensions are highly desirable. Because of that, people have created a whole variety of ways to get extensions. One such method is the shrink tube method. It’s perfect for people with thin or short hair that want a new and refreshing look.

How Shrink Tubes Work

Shrink tube hair extensions get their name from little plastic tubes known as “shrink tubes” or “shrinkies.” These tubes shrink when they are heated and are sometimes composed of an inner coating of keratin. Keratin is used in several hair extension methods and can naturally be found in human skin, hair, and nails.

So now you know where the method gets its name, but how does it work?

If you have had experience with Hot Fusion, Ultrasonic Cold Fusion, or Micro Loop hair extensions, then you’ll notice that the Shrink tube method works similarly to these methods. In fact, it’s like a cross between the micro loop and hot/cold fusion methods. A professional stylist will start by sectioning your hair - a process that occurs no matter what type of extension you’re getting. Once that’s done, they’ll take a hair extension and place a shrink tube on the end of it. Then, they take a small piece of your hair and thread it through the shrink tube. At this point, the tube will be located close to your scalp. The next step is to take a heat tool and warm to shrink tube to the point where it creates a secure bond to hold in the extension. With their practice and experience, a stylist will be able to determine the perfect amount of time to apply the heat, giving you the best results.

Single Strands

Because of how quickly clip-in hair extensions can be used, there are thousands of different types out there. Some of them are sold in single strands. These strands can be used by themselves to add color to your hair or help out with some style. For example, you could put your hair in a ponytail or braid and use a clip-in to conceal the hair tie. The strands can also be used in multitude to add volume to your hair while giving it a natural look. In that case, a stylist would section your hair and put the clips in with space in between them.

The Amazing Result

When the entire process is done, you’ll end up with fuller, longer hair. You and your friends will definitely be amazed with the result. Depending on what you want, the extensions can give you highlights or add vibrant color to your hair. Also, because the stylist uses many small strands of hair, as opposed to large sections of it, you’re hair will be more versatile and move more naturally. On top of that, it will be hard to tell that you’re wearing extensions at all. This is especially true if you get shrink tubes that are a close match to your natural hair color or are clear.

As far as how long shrink tube hair extensions last, you’ll be pleased to know that you can wear them for around 2-3 months. Make sure to wash carefully and brush out your hair regularly. Using a wide-toothed comb is advisable, as the teeth are less likely to catch the shrink tubes when combing. If you take excellent care of your extensions, you may be able to use them again and save some money.