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Feather and Crystal Hair Extensions

Feather and Crystal Hair Extensions

When it comes to making your hair stand out, you’ve got millions of options. You can dye it almost any color you’d like, get a new hairdo, or put in some extensions. All of these things will make your hair look like a million dollars, but there’s nothing that beats having Feather or crystal hair extensions

How Feather and Crystal Hair Extensions Are Applied

Crystal hair extensions can be put on using different techniques. One prominent way to apply them is through heat. If you get them done using a heat method, they’ll likely come on a clear sheet that gets put on your hair. Then, a flat iron is used on the crystals and your hair to activate the adhesive on them. After that, you’re set to go.

Alternatively, crystal hair extensions can be attached to your hair using the Micro Loop hair extensions method. This is the same method that is used for feather extensions as well as regular ones. It works without glues, heat, or vibrations. Instead, a small, plastic micro link is attached to the end of the hair extension. Then, a thin micro loop is threaded through the link and a piece of your hair is strung through the loop. The micro loop can then be pulled out and the link can be clamped shut, attaching the extension to your hair.

Regardless of whether you get feather or crystal extensions in, the process will be quick. It only takes a few minutes to get the extensions in, so you’ll quickly be on your way towards amazing hair.

Wearing the Extensions

When using the micro loop method, both feather and crystal hair extensions can last a few weeks. You can style your hair like normal and you’ll have no problem showering with them on. Just make sure to avoid applying conditioner to the extensions themselves. Also, when you’re brushing your hair, be careful around the extensions. If you follow these tips, the extensions can look better and last longer.

The Many Options Available

Both crystal and feather hair extensions can reflect your personality and give your hair more flair. If you work in a professional environment, you can get feather extensions in natural colors. They’ll make you stand out while keeping your clean appearance. If you’re looking to express your originality, you can choose from all sorts of different colored crystals to let your inner self shine. Or, you can get brightly colored feathers to show people your wild side. There are so many options that you’re bound to find something that is perfect for you.