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Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

There are many ways of adding hair extensions, and the hot fusion method is one of them. In addition to being a widely popular method that gives great results, it lasts a long time. The big question that everyone asks, though, is how it works. It all starts with a hard protein known as keratin.

How Keratin Runs the Show

What is keratin? It definitely isn't some questionable chemical that is foreign to your body. Instead, it’s found everywhere in the world around you. Although you may not know this, keratin is found all over your body in your skin, nails, and hair. In fact, 90% of human hair is made up of keratin. In addition, some forms of it are found in things that you use every day, such as shampoos and conditioners.

So how does it relate to hair extensions?

Well, keratin can be used to make a special kind of adhesive. This adhesive is then used to dip tips of hair in. Then, you go visit a professional and they use a heat clamp to warm up the keratin and create a bond from the adhesive-dipped hair to pieces of your hair.

The Outcome

The result of having the hot fusion method used is one that many people are pleased with. It gives your hair a natural look while adding volume and/or length. On top of that, you can enjoy your hair extensions for several months before having to come back to a salon. How long the extensions last before needing readjustments can vary, so you should make sure to ask your stylist at Jessica Hair Extensions for more details.

Maintaining Your Hair Afterwards

Unlike with other types of methods that can be used, after getting extensions with the hot fusion method, you can wash your hair as frequently as you did prior to the extensions. What’s more is that you can use hair products, such as hair gel, that you’d use even if you didn't get hair extensions. This means that your life doesn't get harder just because you want good looking hair.

Planning a Visit to the Salon

While you don’t have to plan month in advance to get your hair done with this method, you should at least clear a few hours on your schedule on the day of your visit. Using hot fusion hair extensions can take 2 or more hours, so the more time you have set aside the better. Just book your appointment with Jessica Hair Extensions today and get on your way to healthy and gorgeous hair.