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Hair Weaves

Have you ever wanted to have long, voluminous hair? If so, hair extensions should be a dream come true. Many people use them in the modern world, and because of that there is a variety of ways they can be added. One of the most popular things to get is a hair weave. Many celebrities use them, and they look fantastic. It’s a great hair treatment that has wonderful results, so it could be exactly what you've been looking for.

How the Treatment is Done

With Hot Fusion hair extensions, a protein called keratin and a heat clamp are required to get the extensions in. In Ultrasonic Cold Fusion hair extensions, vibrations are used on an adhesive. Another method, the Micro Loop method, uses plastic loops. Hair weaves generally don't use any of these things. Instead, they are sewn on. But don't worry about it hurting. When you get a weave, the extensions are sewn on to your natural hair and not anywhere else, making it quite painless.

To put it simply, to get a hair weave, a professional stylist will first section your hair. Then they will start at the bottom of your scalp and braid a piece of your hair horizontally to form a cornrow. The process will repeat a few times as they move up your scalp. Once that is done, the stylist will return to the bottom row and get an extension. They will sew the top of the extension to the cornrows. When all the extensions are attached, you’ll have long, full hair.

Why Hair Weaves Are Great

Aside from looking fantastic, hair weaves have several benefits. To start, they can last up to several months before needing adjustments. On top of that, they can save you the time and effort of trying to grow your hair out. If you want long hair, you’ll get it. If you decide that you want shorter hair again, then all you have to do is get them removed. To make it even better, hair weaves are also quite durable, so no need to worry about constantly adjusting the extensions.

Taking Care of Your Great Weave

When it comes to hair extensions, proper care always means longer-lasting extensions. As far as treating your hair weaves properly, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first is that your hair may require more delicate handling when in the shower. Keep your extensions clean, but don’t over wash your hair. Also, make sure to comb out the extensions as to avoid tangles.