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Hair extensions is one of the most popular procedures currently done in salons. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your own long, perfect hair.

What could be more convenient than coming in for an appointment at the hair salon and leaving with long hair?

However, this procedure requires particular skills, as well as a lot of practice, experience and knowledge of different hair extensions and their strong and weak points. A qualified specialist will choose the most suitable hair extensions based on a client's hair condition. An individual approach is essential here.

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My hair looks and feels amazing! Jessica is truely the best.
Melody from Kitchener
Hey Jessica! Absolutly love my extensions! I cant believe how perfectly you were able to match the colour! Thanks again for everything, see you in December
Lynzey from Unionville
Hi Jessica, I just wanted to thank you again for working your magic on my daughter's hair. My 4 year old daughter cut off her bangs and the hair on the top/crown of her head. Because my daughter's hair takes very long to grow I was curious to find a way to fix it (despite how shallowed it seemed of me). I found Jessica on-line went to her home the next day and the day after that she had done the impossible. Both Jessica and I were concerned about doing extensions on a young child and she was pefectly honest with me about the risks and how the extension tape would show because she was working with the front of the head with such short strands of leftover hair but Jessica managed to make it work and my daughter has bangs and hair on top of her head again! The tape is barely visible(nothing a hair clip won't hide). I'm glad Jessica took a chance on working with such a young child and was honest, kind and professional. Thank you again
Elyse from Richmond hill
I have them for over 3 months now, the hair are still in perfect condition, I have dyed, curl, straight them and they still look amazing, the only bad thing i would say is that Jess leaves too far away from me but its way worth it. Mille Merci Fanny
Fanny from Paris, France