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Hair extensions is one of the most popular procedures currently done in salons. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your own long, perfect hair.

What could be more convenient than coming in for an appointment at the hair salon and leaving with long hair?

However, this procedure requires particular skills, as well as a lot of practice, experience and knowledge of different hair extensions and their strong and weak points. A qualified specialist will choose the most suitable hair extensions based on a client's hair condition. An individual approach is essential here.

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Thank you, Jessica for my beautiful new locks...It is hard to believe how you can personally accommodate so many women with kindness, and expert advice. You are such a hardworker, but truly enjoying your job. I am still adjusting to my new hair, but I love it! It is definitely a money-worth investment. Thanks, Jess.
Olga from Thornhill
I scheduled an appointment with Jessica and even though she was not feeling 100%, she still made time for me to come in so that i could have my extensions in before the weekend. She took time to figure out exactly which colours i needed because i have a few highlights in my hair. Once she started to put them in, it was clear she made the perfect choice. She was very quick, in about 2 hours she was done and then i went to a hairdresser that she recommended to me for layers and to cut my extensions a little bit. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair before. Everyone loves my extensions and cannot believe how perfectly the colour is matched. No one can tell i have them in, and you cannot see the bonds even when my hair is up. Thank you so much Jessica! Many of my friends have asked for your number, so i'm excited to see how great their hair turns out too
Shoshi from Toronto
I absolutely love my new hair extensions done by jessica i have had extensions done in other places before and jessica was by far the best and most affordable, i will be getting them done with her from now on
Natalia from Toronto
I absolutely love getting my fusion bond hair extensions done by Jessica because she makes sure that you hair is styled the way you want it to be, and she takes the time to do it right.
The previous time I got my hair extensions done here they stayed for 5 months and I was very pleased with the service.
Definitely recommend getting your hair done here too
Joanne from Toronto