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Feather and Crystal Hair Extensions

When it comes to making your hair stand out, you’ve got millions of options. You can dye it almost any color you’d like, get a new hairdo, or put in some extensions. All of these things will make your hair look like a million dollars, but there’s nothing that beats having Feather or crystal ... More »

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you want long hair with lots of volume, consider getting tape-in hair extensions. They’re perfect for someone who wants amazing hair that’ll impress everyone around them. To make it even better, the method is fairly quick and can have amazing results when done by a professional. How They’re Applied Tape-in hair extensions are ... More »

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If you’re on a search for a durable hair extension method that doesn’t use glue or adhesives, micro loop hair extensions are your answer. They’re applied without heat or ultrasonic sound, can last quite a while, and look amazing. They work because of the thing they get their name from - the micro loop. How ... More »

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

One great method for attaching hair extensions is the ultrasonic cold fusion method. It is similar to the Hot Fusion Hair Extensions method, but differs in one key area - it doesn't use heat. However, like the hot fusion method, it does work because of a protein called keratin. The Process Starts With Keratin Keratin ... More »