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Affordable Hair Extensions Prices

Hair Extensions Toronto Prices

Every woman dreams about beautiful and healthy hair. Believe it or not, 20-28 inch (50-70 cm) long hair requires five to six years to grow. The solution to having beautiful and healthy hair quickly is hair extensions. With the help of best hair extensions and our specialists, you will get your dream hair in just two to three hours. Long, silky hair has always been considered the epitome of feminine beauty, and there is hardly a woman out there who would refuse to have it.

« We deal with clients from all walks of life and believe every client is unique and deserves an individual approach. »

At «Jessica Hair Extensions» Salons in Toronto and Vaughan, all of our services come with a free consultation so we can make sure we find the perfect hair extension by matching your colour for seamless, undetectable hair extensions.

Most of our clients prefer to have well-known hair extension brands. With that in mind, we are offering affordable and unbeatable prices on Global Best Beauty Hair Extensions, Toronto's most recommended brand with the best reputation and consistent quality.



Below you’ll find hair extensions prices based on brands and the length you may need in order to get you the result you want.

Full Head of Hair Extensions

Global Best Beauty (GBB Hair Extensions)

16" or 40cm$480

20" or 50cm$500

24" or 60cm$580

So Cap Original

16" or 40cm$465

20" or 50cm$510

24" or 60cm$595

No Name Remy 100% Human Hair Extensions

20" or 50cm$300

22" or 55cm$360

24" or 60cm$400

Price includes 100 strands of Hot-Fusion, Micro Loops (Micro Beads) or 26 Strips of Tape In and the application process, unless otherwise specified.

Additional Services

Removal of Hair Extensions$50 and up

Application of Your Own Hair$1.7 per strand and up

20" Clip In Hair Extensions 160g$150

Feather Extensions$15

Hair Cut$45

Cut & Style$60



* Prices subject to change. Please call (647) 883-5719 for most current pricing.

Remember that going with the lower-priced application isn't always the wisest decision.
Low-cost hair extensions are usually done with poor quality Non-Remy hair, which causes the hair to tangle and become difficult to keep smooth.


Requirements in order to get hair extensions:
  • Minimum hair length of 3-4 inches (8-10cm)
  • 2-3 hours of your time.

You will be consulted prior to the hair extension application process.

This consultation is essential for choosing the right:
  • Hair structure (must be as close as possible to your natural hair)
  • Colour
  • Required length and number of strands
  • Ensure that the hair extensions will not damage your natural hair

You must come to the application with clean hair and without any hair-care products (conditioner, hair mask, balm, hairspray, gel, mousse, etc.). You must wash your hair with shampoo only.

Please contact us regarding any questions you may have about our services or products.